About Us

Wick’d Wax is an eco-friendly and cruelty-free candle business based in Kuwait.

Our love for candles grows by the minute; it is what started it all. Our candles are hand-poured and wrapped up with love, for you.

Our vision is to provide you with candles that do not harm your health or the environment and to show you that being eco-conscious is not as difficult as some may think. 

Our mission is to contribute to the wellness of this society and encourage the usage of  environmentally friendly alternatives to plastic on a daily basis. 

Each and every one of our candles is made out of Soy Wax that is 100% natural. We also use Wooden Wicks instead of Cotton Wicks, as they are more sustainable and eco-friendly, which brings us to our packaging that is eco-friendly as well. Click here to read more about our packaging, candle care and safety, and the reasons we chose soy wax and wooden wicks.